A short series of films shot on 8mm film, commissioned by Chunky Move Dance Company in Melbourne Australia for James Batchelor’s REDSHIFT

Reflection II
Reflection II is an immersive sound and film installation inspired by the phenomena of auditory hallucinations in dreamlike states. Over an 18 month period composer Morgan Hickinbotham used this method to induce and compose music in dreamlike states and notate them while awake. These fragments of dreamed music have been compiled and composed into three movements electronically. This score has been adapted into classical notation in collaboration with Gemma Kneale and Chiara Anderson. Reflection II invites you to immerse yourself in the composition alongside a new super 8 film. This film was developed with Dancer, Amber McCartney and collaborator, Bek Berger. Using the classical score as a starting point the team worked to embody concepts of visualising the unconscious self in relation to the environment. The team shot the film throughout Victoria including locations such as Collingwood Pool, Phillip Island and Hanging Rock.